A New Life

Now that we were a team and the whole world thought we were dead, it was our lives to live. With no worries, and a ton of money, there wasn’t a way to kill our mood. We decided that we liked the southern hemisphere so we moved to New Zealand. There, we built our own mansion on our 5000-acre lot, located in the Southern Alps. At 43°30’00.00″S 170°30’00.o0″E to be exact.





A beautiful view from my bedroom.




The Southern Alps in New Zealand were formed by the collision of the Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate, like in the above picture.

We plan on living here for the rest of our lives in peace and luxury. One day, when we die, someone will find this blog, and learn about the legacy of Emilio da Romano and Whip de Chi, the Maestros of casino thievery…


Going down south

Now that you guys are finally in Chile, you have finally caught up in the story to where I am. This morning I awoke from my red eye flight and arrived in the South American country of Chile. Next I checked into my beach resort. The next few days, I lived in peace robing casinos. A week later, my net worth had doubled. I was approaching the magical 1 billion. Two more weeks, and I would have gotten there. But as you probably can guess, Whip had found me once more. He and his crew chased me into the Andes.



The Andes.

As we ran up the mountains, we slowly separated ourselves from Whip’s big burly men who were having trouble keeping up. Then suddenly, an earthquake had broken out. A 8.8 one to be exact. This was caused by the subduction of the Nazca Plate under the South American Plate at approximately 26°17’02.60″S 69°14’42.59 W. Image


How subduction works.

Just as Whip caught up to me and was about to cuff me, the earthquake caused a crack in the ground right between me and Whip. The sudden force knocked me into the crack. I landed on my back, the pain pierced through me like a needle. I lay on the ground moaning. Then Whip jumped into the crack with me. Before he could say anything, I said, “You have always been better than me, and that is why I need your help. This unique opportunity is just what I have been looking for. Stage our deaths in this crevice  We can then leave in peace and make money where ever we please. I know you have wanted a big salary since the day you left Trinity. Come with me, and we will be ghosts, taking what we want, and no one will know it was us.”

This left him speechless for a while but soon he agreed. We both cut our selves leaving a pile of blood trickling down to stage our deaths, and we left the Andes Mountains.


The following are pictures of the destruction the Chilean Earthquake left behind. You can find them at http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/02/earthquake_in_chile.html






Back to the States

The last time I was in America, I had stolen over 250 million dollars. I had made the FBI’s most wanted list but I wasn’t afraid. After that first time in Vegas, I’ve always wanted to go back. And now I was almost there again. I had arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, where I blended in easily with the thousands and thousands of other passengers. Before I headed off to Las Vegas, I decided to make a stop at the Hollywood Park Casino. The next day, as soon as news passed that the HPC had been robbed, Whip de Chi, immediately knew that I had escaped that destructive tsunami. I didn’t know then, but Whip had taken the first flight to LA in pursuit of me. I was going to leave the next morning but once again, Whip was there to thwart my plans. The next morning when I drove to the airport, in my rear view mirror I saw a group of black SUV’s trailing me Immediately I swerved off to a side road and the car chase was on. We drove all over LA and soon I knew I would have to something different because I was low on gas. If my radio was on in my car I would’ve heard on the news that an earthquake was about to hit the area (approximately 34°34’45.96″N 118°06’59.26″W) in approximately five minutes.



The San Andreas Fault Line.

The 9.0 earthquake that shook the ground beneath us was caused by the San Andreas Fault. The San Andreas Fault is the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. The San Andreas Fault is a transform boundary where the two plates are moving away from each other.



How transform boundaries work.



An image of the San Andreas Fault.

The San Andreas Fault causes an earthquake about once every 100 years, and I guess I was extremely fortunate that it happened right then because as the ground shook, and everything went into turmoil, I was able to once again escape the grasps of the skilled Whip de Chi. Once again I was forced to flee from the country. This time I went south, and across the equator into the Southern Hemisphere: Chile.


After my near escape from the eruptions at Mount Etna, I planned my next scheme. I decided to hit the biggest casino city in the world: Macau. Five of the top 10 biggest casinos in the world are located in Macau, including the Venetian Macau, and the Wynn Macau. When I landed there, I was met by the glowing nighttime view of Macau.



My plan was perfect. I would be in Macau for just less than two weeks, and by that time I should have had around 500 million dollars. But guess who was there to spoil my plans again? That’s right. Whip de Chi. As I had just exited from my third casino, and there was his team of men. I quickly ran back indoors, and snuck into the tunnels that I had pre dug. Five years ago, I had come here and created a labyrinth of tunnels underground which equaled a total of 500 miles, spanning all across the area, and now was the time to use them. I chose the one that would get me to the eastern coast of China, With Whip right on my back, I quickly hijacked a speed boat and cruised into the Pacific Ocean.

I wish I had checked the area earlier because at that very moment, something bad was brewing. You see, at that point, the Eurasian Plate, and the Philippine Plate, were diverging (at the approximate point of 20°44’39.76”N 116°27’50.49”E) causing an earthquake underwater. As you probably can guess, a tsunami was created.



This picture shows how tsunamis not unlike the one I experienced are formed. The two plates hit and the upward movement causes the water to rise causing the tsunami.

The waves thrashed against me and threatened to flip my boat. As I fought the waves, to stay up, I could see Whip out of my peripheral vision hesitant to come and chase me. All of a sudden, the boat snuck out from under me and down I went. Seeing that I drowned, Whip quickly ran off thinking that I had died. But that was not the end of me. I mustered up all my strength to hold my breath and find my way back up. A minute of struggling later, I had finally gotten my head out of water. Whew! I thought. That was close. But I thought too soon, because that moment the water submerged me once more. Once again, I fought to stay alive. Just as I thought I was doomed, that’s when I saw the most wonderful thing someone in my situation could possibly wish for. In front of me, I had seen a wood raft roughly 10 feet by 15 feet. It was perfect. Too tired to paddle back to shore about half a mile a way, I lay down on the raft and took a breather. Then the last thing I wanted happened. I fell asleep.

When I woke up hours later, I had arrived at shore. Thank god!! I felt fortunate that out of all the things that could’ve happened to me, what happened was the only positive outcome. I soon found out that I had drifted off and arrived in Hong Kong. After a good night’s sleep, I took the first flight back to America.



A shot of Macau after the devastating tsunami.



Roughly like what I saw during my escape into the Pacific Ocean.

Mount Etna

After that first casino, I always seemed to want more. This led me up to the rich state of Monaco. In Monaco, I knocked over every casino there. By the time I fled back to Italy, the authorities still had no idea where all the money had gone. My next trip was back to America, with Vegas locked in my mind. I narrowed down the five biggest casinos and plotted my next move. A week later, Vegas was in shambles. Where had all this money gone? But there was still one more stop to be made: The Bellagio. The ultimate feat. Unfortunately due to my overwhelming hubris, I carelessly let down my guard. The result was an immediate abort to my plan and I was forced to escape as swiftly as possible; but not fast enough to evade being caught by multiple security cameras. It was only a matter of time before they found out who I was. Although they had found out my identity, I had managed to fly safely back home to Italy, now with 250 million dollars in cash. Fearing the authorities would track me down, I hid most of my cash and went into hiding on Mount Etna.


A simply magnificent view of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy.

(37°45.3′N 14°59.7′E)


Mount Etna if you don’t know is the biggest active volcano located in Europe. It’s massive structure overlooks the island of Sicily. It was formed by the convergence of the African and Eurasian Plates.


The convergence of Mount Etna is categorized as subduction. A subduction convergence is where two continental plates meet and one of them submerges under the other. The above picture is an example of how Mount Etna was formed. Now you might be asking, if a lot of volcanoes form by subduction convergence, why is Mount Etna bigger than the rest? This is because a large part of Mount Etna is layers of dried lava.

I knew that Mount Etna was one of the most active volcanoes, erupting about once every year. This is because the volcano is located on the very edge of the two plates where they keep on crashing. Because of this I knew my stay there would be short. But I also knew that because of all the eruptions, the soil would be very fertile so famine would not be an issue. While I was exploring the panoramic views that Mount Etna offers, my old friend and now a secret agent, Whip de Chi, had seen my face on the FBI’s most wanted list and had formed his team to search for me.

Six months later, just as I was getting used to the luxury of living on such a gigantic property, Whip, and his team had finally tracked me down. My radar was now flashing red informing me that they were within a mile of my location. I quickly packed all of my stuff and began my escape off of the volcano. A good 15 minutes later, I looked back and suddenly there they were. There must be a way out! I thought. It can’t end like this! Suddenly, without warning puffs of smoke started fuming from the tip of Mount Etna: it was soon to erupt. At this point, a park ranger was driving up the hill and as he gazed up at Mount Etna’s peek, he suddenly swerved and hit one of Whip’s men and his car suddenly went up in flames. During all this confusion I managed to escape out of their view, and the what would be decade long chase continued….



When I was safe at the bottom of Mount Etna, I was able to capture some stunning shots and videos of Mount Etna in action.


Check out the video at:


Quello che succede ragazzi? (What’s up guys?)

As you guys might know, I am the infamous Emilio Da Romano. I am from Italian descent but I had gone to America to attend the prestigious Yale University. My father’s mother is the first cousin of the Pope so naturally, money was never an issue. But when I told my parents that I wanted to go to America for school, they were infuriated. “What’s happened to your Italian pride?” they questioned. But I insisted on leaving the country. As I left Italy, my parents abandoned me in disgust. When I arrived America, I had to attend my senior year of high school first to receive my American high school diploma. I went to the celebrated Trinity School, the best private school in America. Here is where I met my life long acquaintance Whip de Chi. Soon I had befriended him and we were best friends. We both graduated a top of our classes. But after we left high school we went are separate ways, as I continued on to Yale, Whip, went to a secret undisclosed intelligence school which I cannot mention in this blog post. In my third year at Yale I realized that it wasn’t challenging enough, so I decided to return to my native Rome. But since I was no longer part of the Romano family, I was soon living on the streets. I was offered many jobs but none of them enticed me. I soon began to rob from local stores and wealthy households. Soon, this became a daily ordeal and soon enough, I was hooked. A few months and I had stolen from my first casino.